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Naruto Chapter 665 – Read Naruto 665 Spoiler

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They sealed 8tails inside the Rikodou before,naruto 665 how it got out and sealed inside Bee is unexplained. Highly likely it’s for both naruto and bee. Unless kishi plan to kill Bee now and somehow save naruto by stealing the kyubi back before naruto permanently dies OR naruto actually dies then got ressurected via forbidden/ressurection jutsu.


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


Hashirama had nothing to do with the battle against Obito. Obito was pretty much the focus of four shinobi up until the moments before his defeat. And Madara wasn’t untouchable to other shinobi either. I presumed that the plan you were referencing was this plan you’ve been laying out where Madara would allow himself to get defeated and hope it worked out with Obito. Otherwise, Madara’s plan came into effect after he had been restrained. The Rinnegan doesn’t control death, firstly, and there isn’t anything to suggest that Madara would’ve been able to manipulate Obito under the circumstances or that the dead body would’ve been capable of reviving him.Akatsuki is more effective an example than Kushina. And Obito struggled with control of the bijuu, control using a similar means. And Madara’s recent comments in the most recent chapter would seem to support my argument, it wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination for him.And how’d that last attempt work out for him, back then he was even free. The reason to have Madara there was that he was involved. The other two panels are after Madara’s revival. And Madara said there was going to be a counterattack because he expected to be revived, he didn’t say Sai’s seal wasn’t working and he didn’t say Hashirama’s seal was ineffective, which is what the issue is. And the questions you ask support my argument. Madara isn’t the type to simply allow himself to be sealed; his counterstroke was Zetsu, he himself couldn’t handle it alone.

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